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   Flying Frog Studio was started by owner/artist Cristal Baldwin in 2010. She has actively been selling art through this venue since 2012 (the birth of a child can slow things down she discovered). The Studio is located in small town London, Ohio in the USA. This little city is just west of Columbus, Ohio's capital.
    Cristal has been drawing since she was young. Private drawing lessons led to a college art degree with a double minor in other things to make her dad happier. She has done commission work since the age of 17 and continues to do so but primarily with portraits. College led to actively participating in juried art shows as well as art festivals to meet collectors and art enthusiasts in person!
    She has a small family in Ohio of a wonderfully supportive husband, an inquisitive, bright 6 year old son, two cats (one who's pretty sure she owns the house and the other that thinks he's a dog) and a sweet pound rescue dog who is positive he is bigger than a 17 pound cannon ball. :)
    The art created and shown here celebrates beauty and life and enjoyment. People are amazingly gorgeous, quirky individuals and still life pieces are amazing pops of color. Celebrating life is the goal!
    Cristal has recently (May 2017!) had the pleasure of doing an art demo and talk at an art league about color pencil art! If you would like her to visit your organization and demo, please drop us a note!